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Angol - Nemzetközi csomagküldés az EU összes országába!
Angol - Nemzetközi csomagküldés az EU összes országába!

Entire, complex e-commerce parcel management, courier service, parcel delivery, fulfillment and Remote Control Logistics (RCL) in Hungary and internationally


  • International and domestic parcel delivery with unique service sin Hungary
  • Complete webshop logistics
  • 3 PL (Third Party Logistics)
  • Fulfillment in Hungary 
  • Fulfillment internationally even in 3rd countries
  • RCL (Remote Control Logistics)
  • Warehousing
  • Picking
  • Packing
  • Parcel delivery with COD
  • Labelling
  • Courier service
  • Stock-keeping with permanent reporting
  • Alternative parcel pick-up possibilities outside working hours at 3,000 locations
  • Logistic screening and optimization
  • Consultation for cost optimization


Parcel delivery and courier service using a unique parcel delivery software

The use of online systems in increasingly spreading in the field of parcel delivery too. Based on the development trends of the parcel delivery business and the needs of mail order companies we have developed and made available to all our partners a software that supports both domestic and international parcel deliveries. During the development of the program we did our best to take into account the requirements of all our partners (mail order businesses) and not just our own experience. If you wish to send parcels to domestic or international destinations, from now on you can place your orders in the online system called MyComplex, too.